2019 - 2020

Grand Family

Tina Spier

Worthy Grand Matron

Jeff Sperin

Worthy Grand Patron

Suzy Brown

Associate Grand Matron

Norman Burkett

Associate Grand Patron

Betsy Nibeck, PGM

Grand Secretary

Carol Howard

Grand Treasurer

Joyce Royal

Grand Conductress

Gayle Burkett

Associate Grand Conductress

Bobbie Jean Koechle

Grand Chaplain

Lisa Johnson

Grand Adah

Terry Massaro

Grand Lecturer

Melody Entrekin

Grand Ruth

Teresa Scroggs

Grand Marshal

Debi Goodman

Grand Esther

H. M. Dycus, Jr., PGP

Grand Organist

Evelyn Burkett

Grand Martha

Jennifer Cheelry

Grand Electa

John Fields

Grand Warder

Jim Rice

Grand Sentinel

Janet McPipkin, PGM

Grand Parliamentarian

Elaine Wallace

Personal Assistant to the

Worthy Grand Matron

Bonita Merck

Personal Secretary to the

Worthy Grand Matron

Susan Hauglie

Personal Secretary to the

Worthy Grand Patron

Renee Laird

Blue Angel of Fidelity

Malinda Pafford

Yellow Angel of Constancy

Mary White

White Angel of Loyalty

Vickie Stover

Green Angel of Immortality

Kathy Fallin

Red Angel of Hospitality

Karen Owens

Assistant Grand Organist

Dee Nichols

Grand Chapter Nurse

Jade Sperin

Grand Choir Director

Louise Horton

Grand Chapter Mother

Dean Wallace, PGP

Grand Drill Director

Charles Horton

Grand Chapter Father

Moscenia Welty

Assistant Grand Drill Director

Ed Entrekin

Grand Chapter Brother

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